Purple Box

Hi! New month and a new prosject is done! This time I have decorated a box. I got four white boxes during december and have finally manage to decorate one of them.

The colours I have used all over is black, silver, purple and white. God bedringsgave til Karoline collage med vannmerke.jpg

On the front are the layers with the box-colour showing as a border on the bottom, than a purple pattern paper, than black cardstock and again the same pattern paper. In the decorations i have a border, which is punched out with a fiskars border punch, in silver paper, than som washi tape. A black dollie underneath a heart diecut. The motive is a simple flower in black, and around the picture I have done a simple flower composition. The text is a charm that says «Where there’s will there’s a way». and the rest of the forn have some bling here and there.

The sides are decorated simple with the same pattern paper as the top. On one side I have a quote that says «Medisin som hjelper mot alt (medication that helps agains everything)» and two black swirls. The quote is form «Kort og Godt». On the other side I put one big leaf from the same set as the swirls  and the same «bling» as the top.


Im also participating in some contests with this box:

Hope to see you again soon!


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