Step card (order)

Hi everyone! 😀 Todays make is an order I got yesterday 😀 I was so inspired I just had to start. Both name, picture and who its from has been covered out of respect for both the one ordering and the one getting this card!
Mai Brit 60 bestillingskort trappekort Langhus skole collage med vannmerke og anonymisering.jpg

This version of a step card which is very easy and fast to make and so much fun. On the first step I have Gratulerer med dagen, which means»Happy birthday» in Norweigan from the brand Kort og Godt with three simple but elegant flowers. On the next step is the name of the receiver and the age with a wine/champagne bottle and two glasses in between. The next step is a cool pic of Oslo’s skyline. And the last step a pic of the birthday «kid» and a nice quote (also from Kort og Godt) that is stamped on a diecut. The bouquet of flower by the quote, from Wild Orchid Flowers, and the pearls finishes the whole card of.

On the back of the last step I added the journaling spot which is also glued onto a diecut to make it alittle nicer and stand out from the egg white cardstock, and my personal stamp.

I hope you like it and feel inspired!

I’m also are entering a couple of challenges with this card:

Hope to see you again soon! 😀

Hugs Hilde


8 kommentarer om “Step card (order)

  1. Hilde, The step card turned out so amazing. Thank you for translating everything that really helps. You really have to tell me how you get the pictures all together in one box like that. Love the die cuts, the beautiful blue and all the folds.
    Hugs Pat


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